help Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

PHPRad is an advanced RAD (Rapid Application Development) enviroment which generate PHP Applications with just few clicks.

System Requirements

Web Server
Apache Server
MySQLi | MariaDB
PHP PHP 5.0 and Higher
Browser Support
Chrome / Edge / Firefox / Safari / Opera (latest), IE 9+
Operating System
WIndows Operating System Windows xp Windows vista Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10
.Net Framework
4.0 and higher

Please make sure that your MySQL database server supports and allow remote connection.

From the login screen, to advanced system components like reports,Charts,Multi-Page Application, Dashboard, data input forms, business logic coding, all you need to write a complex application, you can do it using PHPRad

All minor version upgrades are free of charge after purchase. A minor version upgrade might add small features, improvements and fix bugs found in the previous versions.

Major version upgrades may attract some upgrade fee.

Please Make sure you have primary key for the table. If you add primary keys after creating your project. You can equally set a field to act as a primary key by right clicking on the field and select "Set as Primary Key"

License key can only be activated over the internet. Please if you have any issue contact support

PHPRad is not fully supported on non-windows platform. But you can still run it with any virtual machine of your choice that support windows platform

We do provide certain level of technical support and assistance for the third-party tools used in PHPRad.

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